Sub Headings of 9031

9031.10.00.00 Machines for balancing mechanical parts
9031.20.00.00 Test benches
9031.41.00. For inspecting semiconductorwafers or devices or for inspecting photomasks or reticles used in manufacturing semiconductordevices
9031.49.10.00 Profile projectors
9031.49.40.00 Coordinate-measuring machines
9031.49.70.00 For inspecting masks (other than photomasks) used in manufacturingsemiconductor devices; for measuring surface particulate contamination on semiconductordevices
9031.49.90.00 Other
9031.80.40.00 Electron beam microscopes fitted with equipmentspecifically designed for the handling and transport of semiconductor wafers or reticles
9031.80.80. Other
9031.90.20.00 Of profile projectors
9031.90.45.00 Bases and frames for the coordinate-measuring machines of subheading9031.49.40
9031.90.54.00 Of optical instruments and appliances of subheading 9031.41 or 9031.49.70
9031.90.58.00 Other
9031.90.70.00 Of articles of subheading 9031.80.40
9031.90.90. Other