Sub Headings of 9506

9506.11.20.00 Cross-country skis
9506.11.40. Other skis
9506.11.60.00 Parts and accessories
9506.12.40.00 Cross-country
9506.12.80.00 Other
9506.19.40.00 Cross-country
9506.19.80. Other
9506.21.40.00 Sailboards
9506.21.80.00 Parts and accessories
9506.29.00. Other
9506.31.00.00 Golf clubs, complete
9506.32.00.00 Balls
9506.39.00. Other
9506.40.00.00 Articles and equipment for table-tennis, and parts andaccessories thereof
9506.51.20.00 Rackets, strung
9506.51.40.00 Rackets, not strung
9506.51.60.00 Parts and accessories
9506.59.40. Badminton rackets and parts and accessoriesthereof
9506.59.80. Other
9506.61.00.00 Lawn-tennis balls
9506.62.40. Footballs and soccer balls
9506.62.80. Other
9506.69.20. Baseballs and softballs
9506.69.40.00 Noninflatable hollow balls not over 19 cm in diameter
9506.69.60. Other
9506.70.20. Roller skates and parts andaccessories thereof
9506.70.40.00 Ice skates with footwear permanentlyattached
9506.70.60. Other, including parts and accessories for ice skateswith footwear permanently attached
9506.91.00. Articles and equipment for general physical exercise, gymnastics orathletics; parts and accessories thereof
9506.99.05. Archery articles and equipment and parts and accessories thereof
9506.99.08.00 Nets of cotton
9506.99.12.00 Other
9506.99.15.00 Baseball articles and equipment, except balls,and parts and accessories thereof
9506.99.20.00 Football, soccer and polo articles andequipment, except balls, and parts and accessories thereof
9506.99.25. Ice-hockey and field-hockey articles and equipment, exceptballs and skates, and parts and accessories thereof
9506.99.28.00 Lacrosse sticks
9506.99.30.00 Lawn-tennis articles andequipment, except balls and rackets, and parts and accessories thereof
9506.99.35.00 Skeet targets
9506.99.40.00 Toboggans; bobsleds and luges of a kindused in international competition
9506.99.45.00 Other, including parts and accessories
9506.99.50.00 Snowshoes and partsand accessories thereof
9506.99.55.00 Swimming pools and wading pools and parts and accessories thereof
9506.99.60. Other