Sub Headings of 9504

9504.10.00.00 Video games of a kind used with a television receiver and parts and accessoriesthereof
9504.20.20.00 Balls
9504.20.40.00 Chalk
9504.20.60.00 Tables
9504.20.80.00 Other, including parts and accessories
9504.30.00. Other games, operated bycoins, banknotes, bank cards, tokens or by any other means of payment, other than bowling alleyequipment; parts and accessories thereof
9504.40.00.00 Playing cards
9504.90.40.00 Game machines, other than those operated by coins,banknotes (paper currency), discs or similar articles; parts and accessories thereof
9504.90.60.00 Chess, checkers, parchisi, backgammon, darts and other games played on boardsof a special design, all the foregoing games and parts thereof (including their boards); mah-jongand dominoes; any of the foregoing games in combination with each other, or with other games,packaged together as a unit in immediate containers of a type used in retail sales; poker chips anddice
9504.90.90. Other