Sub Headings of 9209

9209.30.00.00 Musical instrumentstrings
9209.91.40.00 Tuning pins
9209.91.80.00 Other
9209.92.20.00 Mutes, collapsible musical instrument standsand music holders for attachment to musical instruments
9209.92.40.00 Tuning pins
9209.92.60.00 Bows, parts of bows, bow hair, chin rests and other parts and accessories forstring instruments played with a bow
9209.92.80.00 Other
9209.94.40.00 Collapsible musical instrument stands
9209.94.80.00 Other
9209.99.05.00 Metronomes, tuning forks and pitch pipes
9209.99.10.00 Mutes formusical instruments; pedals, dampers and spurs for drums; pedals and holders for cymbals; lyres and other music holders forattachment to musical instruments; and collapsible stands for holdingmusic or for holding musical instruments
9209.99.16.00 For pipe organs of subheading 9205.90.12
9209.99.18.00 For instrutments of subheading 9205.90.14
9209.99.20.00 For bagpipes
9209.99.40. For other woodwind and brass wind musical instruments
9209.99.61.00 For music boxes
9209.99.80.00 Other