Sub Headings of 9030

9030.10.00.00 Instruments and apparatus for measuring or detecting ionizing radiations
9030.20.05.00 Specially designed fortelecommunications
9030.20.10.00 Other oscilloscopes and oscillographs
9030.31.00.00 Multimeters, without a recording device
9030.32.00.00 Multimeters, with a recording device
9030.33.00. Other, without a recording device
9030.39.01.00 Other, with a recording device
9030.40.00.00 Other instruments and apparatus, speciallydesigned for telecommunications (for example, cross-talk meters, gain measuring instruments,distortion factor meters, psophometers)
9030.82.00.00 For measuring orchecking semiconductor wafers or devices
9030.84.00.00 Other, with a recording device
9030.89.01.00 Other
9030.90.25.00 Printed circuit assemblies
9030.90.45.00 Other
9030.90.66.00 Of instruments and apparatus ofsubheading 9030.40 or 9030.82
9030.90.68.00 Other
9030.90.84.00 Of instruments and apparatus of subheading9030.82
9030.90.88. Other