Sub Headings of 8714

8714.11.00.00 Saddles and seats
8714.19.00. Other
8714.20.00.00 Of carriages for disabled persons
8714.91.20.00 Valued over $600 each
8714.91.30.00 Other
8714.91.50.00 Sets of steel tubing cut to exact length andeach set having the number of tubes needed for the assembly (with other parts) into the frame andfork of one bicycle
8714.91.90.00 Other
8714.92.10.00 Wheel rims
8714.92.50.00 Spokes
8714.93.05.00 Aluminum alloy hubs with a hollow axle and lever-operated quickrelease mechanism
8714.93.15.00 Three speed
8714.93.24.00 Two speed
8714.93.28.00 Other
8714.93.35.00 Other
8714.93.70. Free-wheel sprocket-wheels
8714.94.30. Drum brakes, caliper and cantilever bicycle brakes, and coaster brakes; parts thereof (including cableor inner wire therefor, fitted with fittings)
8714.94.90.00 Other
8714.95.00.00 Saddles
8714.96.10.00 Pedals and parts thereof
8714.96.50.00 Cotterless-type cranksets and parts thereof
8714.96.90.00 Other crank-gear and parts thereof
8714.99.10.00 Click twist grips and click stick levers
8714.99.50.00 Derailleurs and parts thereof
8714.99.60.00 Trigger and twist grip controls forthree speed hubs, and parts thereof; bicycle handlebar stems wholly ofaluminum alloy (including their hardware of any material), valued over $2.15 each; and bicycle handlebar stem rotor assemblies
8714.99.80.00 Other