Sub Headings of 8536

8536.10.00. Fuses
8536.20.00. Automaticcircuit breakers
8536.30.40.00 Motor overload protectors
8536.30.80.00 Other
8536.41.00. For a voltage not exceeding 60 V
8536.49.00. Other
8536.50.40.00 Motor starters
8536.50.70.00 Electronic AC switches consisting ofoptically coupled input and output circuits (insulated thyristor AC switches); electronic switches,including temperature protected switches, consisting of a transistor and a logic chip (chip-on-chiptechnology); electromechanical snap-action switches for a current not exceeding 11 amps
8536.50.90. Other
8536.61.00.00 Lamp-holders
8536.69.40. Coaxial connectors; cylindrical multicontactconnectors; rack and panel connectors; printed circuit connectors; ribbon or flat cable connectors
8536.69.80.00 Other
8536.70.00.00 Connectors for optical fibers, optical fiberbundles or cables
8536.90.40.00 Terminals, electrical splices and electrical couplings; wafer probers
8536.90.80. Other