Sub Headings of 8527

8527.12.00.00 Pocket-size radio cassette players
8527.13.11.00 Combinationsincorporating tape players which are incapable of recording
8527.13.20. Radio-tape recorder combinations
8527.13.40.00 Radio-phonograph combinations
8527.13.60. Other
8527.19.10.00 Valued not over $40 each, incorporating aclock or clock-timer, not in combination with any other article, and not designed for motorvehicle installation
8527.19.50. Other
8527.21.10. Radio-tape player combinations
8527.21.40. Other
8527.29.40.00 FM only or AM/FM only
8527.29.80.00 Other
8527.91.05.00 Articles designed for connection to telegraphic ortelephonic apparatus or instruments or to telegraphic or telephonic networks
8527.91.40.00 Combinations incorporating tape playerswhich are incapable of recording
8527.91.50.00 Other combinations incorporating taperecorders
8527.91.60. Other
8527.92.10.00 Valued not over $40each
8527.92.50.00 Other
8527.99.10.00 Infant nursery monitor systems, each consisting in the same package of a radiotransmitter, an electrical adapter, and a radio receiver
8527.99.15.00 Other radio receivers
8527.99.40.00 Other