Sub Headings of 8523

8523.21.00.00 Cards incorporating a magnetic stripe
8523.29.10.00 Unrecorded magnetic media
8523.29.20.00 Magnetic tapes for reproducing phenomenaother than sound or image
8523.29.30.00 News sound recordings relating to currentevents
8523.29.40. Other
8523.29.50. Videotape recordings:
8523.29.60.00 Other
8523.29.70. Video tape recordings:
8523.29.80.00 Other
8523.29.90.00 Other
8523.40.10.00 Unrecorded optical media
8523.40.20. For reproducing phenomena other than sound or image
8523.40.30.00 For reproducing sound only
8523.40.40.00 For reproducing representations ofinstructions, data, sound, and image, recorded in a machine readable binary form, and capable ofbeing manipulated or providing interactivity to a user, by means of an automatic data processingmachine; proprietary format recorded discs
8523.40.50.00 Other
8523.51.00.00 Solid-state non-volatile storage devices
8523.52.00. "Smart cards"
8523.59.00.00 Other
8523.80.10.00 Phonograph records
8523.80.20.00 Other