Sub Headings of 8483

8483.10.10. Designed for use solely or principally with spark-ignition internal combustionpiston engines or rotary engines
8483.10.30. Other
8483.10.50.00 Other transmission shafts and cranks
8483.20.40. Flange, take-up, cartridge and hanger units
8483.20.80. Other
8483.30.40. Flange, take-up, cartridge and hanger units
8483.30.80. Other
8483.40.10.00 Torque converters
8483.40.30. Imported for use withmachines for making cellulosic pulp, paper or paperboard
8483.40.50. Other
8483.40.70.00 Other speed changers
8483.40.80.00 Ball or roller screws
8483.40.90.00 Gears and gearing, otherthan toothed wheels, chain sprockets and other transmission elements entered separately
8483.50.40.00 Gray-iron awning or tackle pulleys, not over6.4 cm in wheel diameter
8483.50.60.00 Flywheels
8483.50.90. Other
8483.60.40. Clutches and universal joints
8483.60.80.00 Other
8483.90.10. Chain sprockets and parts thereof
8483.90.20.00 Parts of flange, take-up, cartridge and hangerunits
8483.90.30.00 Other
8483.90.50.00 Parts of gearing, gear boxes and other speed changers
8483.90.70.00 Parts of articles ofsubheading 8483.20
8483.90.80. Other