Sub Headings of 8482

8482.10.10. Ball bearings with integral shafts
8482.10.50. Other
8482.20.00. Tapered roller bearings, including cone and tapered roller assemblies
8482.30.00. Spherical roller bearings
8482.40.00.00 Needle roller bearings
8482.50.00.00 Other cylindrical roller bearings
8482.80.00. Other, including combinedball/roller bearings
8482.91.00. Balls, needles and rollers
8482.99.05.00 For ball bearings
8482.99.15. For tapered roller bearings
8482.99.25. Other
8482.99.35.00 Parts of ball bearings (including parts of ball bearings with integral shafts)
8482.99.45.00 Parts of tapered roller bearings
8482.99.65. Other