Sub Headings of 8477

8477.10.30.00 For manufacturing shoes
8477.10.40.00 For use in the manufacture of optical media
8477.10.90. Other
8477.20.00. Extruders
8477.30.00.00 Blow-molding machines
8477.40.01.00 Vacuum-molding machines and otherthermoforming machines
8477.51.00. For molding or retreadingpneumatic tires or for molding or otherwise forming inner tubes
8477.59.01.00 Other
8477.80.00.00 Other machinery
8477.90.25. Base, bed, platen, clamp cylinder, ram, andinjection castings, weldments and fabrications:
8477.90.45.01 Barrelscrews
8477.90.65.00 Hydraulic assemblies incorporatingmore than one of the following: manifold; valves; pump; oil cooler
8477.90.85. Other