Sub Headings of 8443

8443.11.10.00 Double-width newspaper printing presses
8443.11.50.00 Other
8443.12.00.00 Offset printingmachinery, sheet-fed, office type (using sheets with one side not exceeding 22 cm and the otherside not exceeding 36 cm in the unfolded state)
8443.13.00.00 Other offset printingmachinery:
8443.14.00.00 Letterpress printing machinery, reel fed, excludingflexographic printing
8443.15.00.00 Letterpress printing machinery, other than reel fed, excluding flexographicprinting
8443.16.00.00 Flexographic printing machinery
8443.17.00.00 Gravure printing machinery
8443.19.20.00 Textile printing machinery
8443.19.30.00 Other
8443.31.00.00 Machines which perform two ormore of the functions of printing, copying or facsimile transmission, capable of connecting to anautomatic data processing machine or to a network
8443.32.10. Printer units:
8443.32.50.00 Other
8443.39.10.00 Operating by reproducing the original image directly onto the copy (directprocess)
8443.39.20.00 Operating by reproducing the original image via anintermediate onto the copy (indirect process)
8443.39.30.00 Incorporating an opticalsystem
8443.39.40.00 Of the contact type
8443.39.50.00 Thermocopying apparatus
8443.39.60.00 Other
8443.39.90.00 Other
8443.91.10.00 Machines for uses ancillary to printing
8443.91.20.00 Parts for textile printingmachinery
8443.91.30.00 Other
8443.99.10.00 Accessory and auxiliarymachines which are intended for attachment to an electrostatic photocopier and which do notoperate independently of such photocopier
8443.99.20. Parts of printer units of subheading 8443.32.10 specified inadditional U.S. note 2 to this chapter:
8443.99.25. Other:
8443.99.30.00 Parts of facsimile machines specified in additional U.S. note 3 to thischapter
8443.99.35.00 Other
8443.99.40.00 Parts of photocopying apparatus of subheading 8443.39.20 specified in additionalU.S. note 4 to this chapter
8443.99.45.00 Other
8443.99.50. Other: