Sub Headings of 8433

8433.11.00. Powered, with the cuttingdevice rotating in a horizontal plane
8433.19.00. Other
8433.20.00. Othermowers, including cutter bars for tractor mounting
8433.30.00.00 Other haymaking machinery
8433.40.00.00 Straw or fodder balers, including pick-upbalers
8433.51.00. Combine harvester-threshers
8433.52.00.00 Other threshing machinery
8433.53.00.00 Root or tuber harvesting machines
8433.59.00. Other
8433.60.00. Machines for cleaning, sorting or grading eggs, fruit or other agricultural produce
8433.90.10.00 Of mowers for lawns, parks or sports grounds
8433.90.50. Other