Sub Headings of 8419

8419.11.00.00 Instantaneous gas water heaters
8419.19.00. Other
8419.20.00.00 Medical, surgical or laboratory sterilizers
8419.31.00.00 For agricultural products
8419.32.10.00 For wood
8419.32.50.00 Other
8419.39.01. Other
8419.40.00. Distilling orrectifying plant
8419.50.10.00 Brazed aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers
8419.50.50.00 Other
8419.60.10.00 Machinery containing brazed aluminumplate-fin heat exchangers
8419.60.50.00 Other
8419.81.50. Cooking stoves, ranges and ovens
8419.81.90. Other
8419.89.10.00 For making paper pulp, paper or paperboard
8419.89.60.00 Molten-salt-cooled acrylic acid reactors
8419.89.95. Other
8419.90.10.00 Of instantaneous or storage water heaters
8419.90.20.00 Of machinery and plantfor making paper pulp, paper or paperboard
8419.90.30.00 Of heat exchange units
8419.90.50. Of molten-salt-cooled acrylicacid reactors; of medical, surgical or laboratory sterilizers
8419.90.85.00 Of electromechanical tools for working in the hand with self-contained electric motor
8419.90.95. Other