Sub Headings of 8418

8418.10.00. Combined refrigerator-freezers, fitted with separate external doors
8418.21.00. Compression type
8418.29.10.00 Absorption type, electrical
8418.29.20.00 Other
8418.30.00.00 Freezers of the chest type, not exceeding 800liters capacity
8418.40.00.00 Freezers of the upright type, not exceeding 900 literscapacity
8418.50.00. Other furniture (chests, cabinets, display counters, show-cases and the like) for storage and display,incorporating refrigerating or freezing equipment
8418.61.01.00 Heat pumps other than air conditioning machines of heading 8415
8418.69.01. Other
8418.91.00.00 Furniture designed toreceive refrigerating or freezing equipment
8418.99.40.00 Door assemblies incorporating more than one of the following: inner panel; outerpanel; insulation; hinges; handles
8418.99.80. Other