Sub Headings of 8413

8413.11.00.00 Pumps for dispensing fuel or lubricants, of the type used in filling-stations or in garages
8413.19.00.00 Other
8413.20.00.00 Hand pumps, other thanthose of subheading 8413.11 or 8413.19
8413.30.10.00 Fuel-injection pumps forcompression-ignition engines
8413.30.90. Other
8413.40.00.00 Concrete pumps
8413.50.00. Other reciprocating positivedisplacement pumps
8413.60.00. Other rotarypositive displacement pumps
8413.70.10.00 Stock pumps importedfor use with machines for making cellulosic pulp, paper or paperboard
8413.70.20. Other
8413.81.00. Pumps
8413.82.00.00 Liquid elevators
8413.91.10.00 Of fuel-injection pumps for compression-ignitionengines
8413.91.20.00 Of stock pumps imported for use with machines for making cellulosic pulp, paperor paperboard
8413.91.90. Other
8413.92.00.00 Of liquid elevators