Sub Headings of 8205

8205.10.00.00 Drilling, threading or tapping tools, and parts thereof
8205.20.30.00 With heads not over 1.5 kg each
8205.20.60.00 With heads over 1.5 kg each
8205.30.30.00 With cutting part containing by weight over 0.2 percentof chromium, molybdenum, or tungsten or over 0.1 percent of vanadium
8205.30.60.00 Other (including parts)
8205.40.00.00 Screwdrivers, and parts thereof
8205.51.15.00 Carving and butcher steels, with or without handles
8205.51.30. Other (including parts)
8205.51.45.00 Of copper
8205.51.60.00 Of aluminum
8205.51.75.00 Other
8205.59.10.00 Pipe tools, and parts thereof
8205.59.20.00 Powder-actuated handtools, and parts thereof
8205.59.30. Crowbars, track tools andwedges, and parts thereof
8205.59.45.00 Caulking guns
8205.59.55. Other
8205.59.60.00 Of copper
8205.59.70.00 Of aluminum
8205.59.80.00 Other
8205.60.00.00 Blow torches and similar self-containedtorches, and parts thereof
8205.70.00. Vises, clamps and the like, andparts thereof
8205.80.00.00 Anvils; portable forges; hand- or pedal-operated grinding wheels withframeworks; base metal parts thereof
8205.90.00.00 Sets of articles of two or more of theforegoing subheadings