Sub Headings of 7117

7117.11.00.00 Cuff links and studs
7117.19.05.00 Toy jewelry valued notover 8 cents per piece
7117.19.15.00 Other
7117.19.20.00 Valued over 33 cents per meter
7117.19.30.00 Religious articles of a purely devotional character designed to be worn on apparelor carried on or about or attached to the person
7117.19.60.00 Toy jewelry valued not over 8 cents per piece
7117.19.90.00 Other
7117.90.10.00 Necklaces, valued notover 30 cents per dozen, composed wholly of plastic shapes mounted on fiber string
7117.90.20.00 Rosaries and chaplets
7117.90.30.00 Other
7117.90.45.00 Toy jewelry (except parts)
7117.90.55.00 Other
7117.90.60.00 Toy jewelry (except parts) valued not over 8 cents per piece
7117.90.75.00 Of plastics
7117.90.90.00 Other