Sub Headings of 6912

6912.00.10.00 Of coarse-grained earthenware, or of coarse- grained stoneware; offine-grained earthenware, whether or not decorated, having a reddish-colored body and a lustrousglaze which, on teapots, may be any color, but which, on other articles, must be mottled, streakedor solidly colored brown to black with metallic oxide or salt
6912.00.20.00 Hotel or restaurant ware and other ware nothousehold ware
6912.00.35. In any pattern for which the aggregate value of the articles listed inadditional U.S. note 6(b) of this chapter is not over $38
6912.00.39. In any pattern for which theaggregate value of the articles listed in additional U.S. note 6(b) of this chapter is over $38
6912.00.41.00 Steins with permanently attached pewter lids;candy boxes, decanters, punch bowls, pretzel dishes, tidbit dishes, tiered servers, bonbon dishes,egg cups, spoons and spoon rests, oil and vinegar sets, tumblers and salt and pepper shaker sets
6912.00.44.00 Mugs and other steins
6912.00.45.00 Cups valued over $5.25 per dozen; saucersvalued over $3 per dozen; soups, oatmeals and cereals valued over $6 perdozen; plates not over 22.9 cm in maximum diameter and valued over $6per dozen; plates over 22.9 but not over 27.9 cm in maximum diameter andvalued over $8.50 per dozen; platters or chop dishes valued over $35 perdozen; sugars valued over $21 per dozen; creamersvalued over $15 per dozen; and beverage servers valued over $42 perdozen
6912.00.46.00 Serviette rings
6912.00.48. Other
6912.00.50.00 Other