Sub Headings of 6802

6802.10.00.00 Tiles, cubes and similararticles, whether or not rectangular (including square), the largest surface area of which iscapable of being enclosed in a square the side of which is less than 7 cm; artificially coloredgranules, chippings and powder
6802.21.10.00 Travertine
6802.21.50.00 Other
6802.23.00.00 Granite
6802.29.10.00 Calcareous stone, other than marble, travertine or alabaster
6802.29.90.00 Other
6802.91.05.00 Slabs
6802.91.15.00 Other
6802.91.20.00 Articles of subheading 6802.21.10 that have been dressed or polished, but notfurther worked
6802.91.25.00 Other
6802.91.30.00 Alabaster
6802.92.00.00 Other calcareous stone
6802.93.00. Granite
6802.99.00. Other stone