Sub Headings of 4302

4302.11.00. Of mink
4302.19.13.00 Of lamb, the following: Astrakhan, Broadtail, Caracul,Persian and similar lamb, Indian, Chinese, Mongolian or Tibetan lamb
4302.19.15.00 Of silver, black or platinum fox(including those of any fox which is a mutation, or type developed, from silver, black or platinumfoxes)
4302.19.30. Not dyed
4302.19.45. Dyed
4302.19.55.00 Of rabbit or hare
4302.19.60.00 Not dyed
4302.19.75.00 Dyed
4302.20.30.00 Of beaver, Caracul or Persian lamb,chinchilla, ermine, fisher, fitch, fox, Kolinsky, leopard, lynx, marten, mink, nutria, ocelot, otter,pony, racoon, sable or wolf
4302.20.60.00 Not dyed
4302.20.90.00 Dyed
4302.30.00.00 Whole skins and pieces or cuttings thereof,assembled