Sub Headings of 3926

3926.10.00.00 Office or school supplies
3926.20.10. Seamless
3926.20.20.00 Baseball and softball gloves and mitts
3926.20.30.00 Other
3926.20.40. Other
3926.20.60.00 Plastic rainwear, including jackets, coats, ponchos, parkas andslickers, featuring an outer shell of polyvinyl chloride plastic with or without attached hoods,valued not over $10 per unit
3926.20.90. Other
3926.30.10.00 Handles and knobs
3926.30.50.00 Other
3926.40.00.00 Statuettes and other ornamental articles
3926.90.10.00 Buckets and pails
3926.90.16.00 Pacifiers
3926.90.21.00 Ice bags; douche bags, enema bags, hot waterbottles, and fittings therefor; invalid and similar nursing cushions; dress shields; pessaries;prophylactics; bulbs for syringes; syringes (other than hypodermic syringes) and fittings therefor,not in part of glass or metal
3926.90.25.00 Handles and knobs, not elsewhere specifiedor
3926.90.30.00 Parts for yachts or pleasure boats of heading 8903; parts of canoes, racing shells,pneumatic craft and pleasure boats which are not of a type designed to be principally used withmotors or sails
3926.90.33.00 Handbags
3926.90.35.00 Other
3926.90.40.00 Imitation gemstones
3926.90.45. Gaskets, washers and other seals
3926.90.48.00 Photo albums
3926.90.50.00 Frames or mounts for photographic slides
3926.90.55.00 V-belts
3926.90.56.00 With textile components in which vegetablefibers predominate by weight over any other textile fiber
3926.90.57.00 With textile components in which man-madefibers predominate by weight over any other textile fiber
3926.90.59.00 Other
3926.90.60. Other
3926.90.65. Springtype
3926.90.70.00 Other
3926.90.75.00 Pneumatic mattresses and other inflatablearticles, not elsewhere specified or included
3926.90.77.00 Waterbed mattresses and liners, and parts ofthe foregoing
3926.90.83.00 Empty cartridges and cassettes for typewriter and machine ribbons
3926.90.85.00 Fasteners, in clips suitable for use in amechanical attaching device
3926.90.87.00 Flexible plastic document binders with tabs,rolled or flat
3926.90.94.00 Cards, not punched, suitable for use as, or in making, jacquard cards; Jacquard cards and jacquard heads for power-driven weaving machines,and parts thereof; and Transparent sheeting of plastics containing 30percent or more by weight of lead
3926.90.96.00 Casing for bicycle derailleurcables; and Casing for cable or inner wire for caliper and cantilever brakes,whether or not cut to length
3926.90.99. Other