Sub Headings of 3206

3206.11.00.00 Containing 80 percent or more by weight of titanium dioxidecalculated on the dry matter
3206.19.00.00 Other
3206.20.00. Pigments and preparations based on chromium compounds
3206.41.00.00 Ultramarine and preparations based thereon
3206.42.00.00 Lithopone and otherpigments and preparations based on zinc sulfide
3206.49.10.00 Concentrated dispersions of pigments in plastics materials
3206.49.20.00 Preparations based on iron oxides
3206.49.30.00 Preparations based onzinc oxides
3206.49.40.00 Preparations based on carbon black
3206.49.55.00 Pigments andpreparations based on hexacyanoferrates (ferrocyanides and ferricyanides)
3206.49.60. Other
3206.50.00.00 Inorganic products of a kind used as luminophores