Sub Headings of 2939

2939.11.00.00 Concentrates of poppy straw; buprenorphine (INN); codeine,dihydrocodeine (INN), ethylmorphine, etorphine (INN), heroin, hydrocodone (INN),hydromorphone (INN), morphine, nicomorphine (INN), oxycodone (INN), oxymorphone (INN),pholcodine (INN), thebacon (INN) and thebaine; salts thereof
2939.19.10.00 Papaverine and its salts
2939.19.20.00 Synthetic
2939.19.50.00 Other
2939.20.00. Alkaloids of cinchona and their derivatives; saltsthereof
2939.30.00.00 Caffeine and its salts
2939.41.00.00 Ephedrine and its salts
2939.42.00.00 Pseudoephedrine and itssalts
2939.43.00.00 Cathine (INN) and its salts
2939.49.01.00 Other
2939.51.00.00 Fenetylline (INN) and its salts
2939.59.00.00 Other
2939.61.00.00 Ergometrine and its salts
2939.62.00.00 Ergotamine and its salts
2939.63.00.00 Lysergic acid and its salts
2939.69.00.00 Other
2939.91.00.00 Cocaine, ecgonine,levometamfetamine, metamfetamine (INN), metamfetamine racemate; salts, esters and otherderivatives thereof
2939.99.00.00 Other