Sub Headings of 2620

2620.11.00.00 Hard zinc spelter
2620.19.30.00 Zinc dross and zinc skimmings
2620.19.60. Other
2620.21.00. Leaded gasoline sludges and leaded anti- knockcompound sludges
2620.29.00. Other
2620.30.00. Containing mainly copper
2620.40.00. Containing mainly aluminum
2620.60.10.00 Of a kind used only for the extraction of arsenic or the manufacture of itschemical compounds
2620.60.90.00 Other
2620.91.00.00 Containing antimony, beryllium, cadmium, chromium or theirmixtures
2620.99.10.00 Containing mainlyvanadium
2620.99.20.00 Containing mainly tungsten
2620.99.30.00 Materials not provided for elsewhere in this heading containing by weight over 10percent nickel
2620.99.50.00 Slag containing by weight over 40 percenttitanium, and which if containing over 2 percent by weight of copper, lead, or zinc is not to betreated for the recovery thereof
2620.99.75. Other materials which are residues not advanced in value or condition by any means, and which ifcontaining over 2 percent by weight of copper, lead or zinc are not to be treated for the recoverythereof
2620.99.85.00 Other