Sub Headings of 2202

2202.10.00. Waters, including mineralwaters and aerated waters, containing added sugar or other sweetening matter or flavored
2202.90.10.00 Chocolate milk drink
2202.90.22.00 Described in generalnote 15 of the tariff schedule and entered pursuant to its provisions
2202.90.24.00 Described in additionalU.S. note 10 to chapter 4 and entered pursuant to its provisions
2202.90.28.00 Other
2202.90.30.00 Not made from a juice having a degree of concentration of 1.5 or more (asdetermined before correction to the nearest 0.5 degree)
2202.90.35.00 Other
2202.90.36.00 Juice of any single fruit or vegetable
2202.90.37.00 Mixtures of juices
2202.90.90. Other