Sub Headings of 0810

0810.10.20.00 If entered during the period from June 15 toSeptember 15, inclusive, in any year
0810.10.40.00 If entered at any other time
0810.20.10. Raspberries and loganberries entered during the period from September 1 in any year to June 30 ofthe following year
0810.20.90. Other
0810.40.00. Cranberries, blueberries and other fruits of the genus Vaccinium
0810.50.00.00 Kiwifruit
0810.60.00.00 Durians
0810.90.26. Black, white or red currants; gooseberries (otherthan kiwifruit) and other berries; tamarinds
0810.90.45.00 Other